Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Post- and Pre-Con updates and a Corgi!

I uploaded some fun pics of cosplayers and other stuff from GeekOut that you can see here!

GeekOut and KiraKiraCon were great and I had lots of fun meeting the con-goers and other artists. I'm really looking forward to next year's GeekOut, since it will be upgraded to a 3-day event!

Up next on the schedule is my first 3-day con, Hoshicon, in Winston-Salem June 28th through June 30th! There'll be more digital art prints (most fanart stuff... but new stuff!), some new print runs, more robot mugs in more colors, and a handful of special plushies I'm making for the event. Should be fun, and maybe I'll add some previews of the merch on here in a week or two!

Meanwhile... Checkout this fan pic I received of a corgi with my corgi print! Too cute!

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