Thursday, September 27, 2012

IF: Crooked

This week's theme was "Crooked" so I'm posting my favorite pairs of crooked furry ears! (I promise to post new stuff once I'm done printing these new woodblocks for ZaPow!'s Dia de los Muertos show coming up in October - more details on that soon too!)


  1. Lovely! Great work! Corgis are so full of character : )

  2. Nice illustration! That's one cute dog, and I love the woodcut style!

  3. How much would you charge for a Corgi(original) picture of a Corgi?

    1. I have a handful of the original corgi prints left! It came out of an edition of around 33 ish I think? All printed on archival printmaking paper in oil based ink. The print (with shipping) costs $22. Feel free to email ( me for one! I can set up an order for you through Paypal. : )