Monday, March 12, 2012

Leftovers III and TRex Skull Prints

I finally printed a tiny block for the Leftovers III print exchange! The size limitation was no larger than 5" x 7" and I have been wanting to reprint an old Resingrave block I made a while ago. The block is only 2" x 3". So in the spirit of using scraps (aka Leftovers) of paper, I tore down those skinny scraps you get when breaking down a full sheet of printmaking paper. I never had a good use for those, so this was perfect! I remember back in the print studio in school, most people just trashed those strips, so it's nice to put them to use instead of wasting them. Although it was a strange mix of papers... mostly random Japanese rice papers and a little Stonehenge.

Here's how they came out:

Hopefully whoever receives them won't mind the goofy dimensions!

While I still had a wet block, I went ahead and made a more formal edition of prints as well. I printed these on a natural Stonehenge paper. 

I loved using that Resingrave block. I have messed with a lot of the composite (non-linoleum) block surfaces, but so many of them break down or pull weird. I could use a Dremel on it for textural effects and still retain nice edges where I wanted them. Those blocks cost double what the normal ones do, but it's worth it for the quality. Plus, they ink amazingly! 

I decided to name it "Omnia Mors Aequat" as a sort of reference to the original print I used this block for, which has a "frame" linocut that this block fits into, and has a space in the bottom of the image for letterpress. The letterpress part quotes an old Memento Mori medieval poem which says, "Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur."

Anywho... the edition prints are available in the Shop if ya want one!

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